Normal. Adjective. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Normal is an interesting concept. It can be both boring and comforting. Some people try to acheive it, others oppose it to the point of recreating it. Most people don't really have a clue and ignore it all altogether, and now we've gone and made it a game.

Well, maybe not a game, more of an online toy. This site is an abnormal combination of those random polls we all know you take and post to your blog/myspace/forums/whatever (don't worry, that's normal), social networking, and open ended game.

After you set up an account, We ask you a question or two a day, which can range from the mudane to the blasphemous (you can set it up to less deviant if you desire). Then we do a bunch of complimicated mathmatics and figure out how normal you are compared to everyone else playing along at home (or school, or work, or wherever)

Then you can share.

So get started. Register or Login and start answering questions